在TriMarc安装处, we understand the importance of the installation process. For the Interior Designer, this is the final, yet most important stage of the design process. 这是所有努力工作和计划结合在一起的时候. Our professional installers understand this importance and work with Designers to make this process as smooth as possible.

Our Vision is to become the largest full-service “white-glove” installation and logistics company in the southeast specifically serving the interior design trade. We strive to provide superior value at competitive prices and deliver outstanding service and flexibility while also providing highly personalized solutions to ensure that our clients are successful in their businesses.

TriMarc安装 brings many years of experience and professionalism providing installation and logistics services to the interior design trade. 我们投保了, and our crews routinely handle the most complicated and demanding home furnishing and art installation projects.

Whether the installation is for a corporate office setting, 样板房或私人住宅, we will deliver superior technical knowledge and attention to detail at a price that fits your budget.




在TriMarc安装处, we offer a variety of services to help you take your project from concept to completion. 我们理解客户项目的重要性, 所以我们会尽可能地照顾好每一个人, 无论大小. 这确保了工作按时按预算正确完成.

Please Submit a job scope to schedule your trimarc install or delivery.

交付 & 皮卡

Whether something needs to be delivered or picked up, we can help! 我们会去找你的, 如果需要的话, we can provide shipping to the final destination through our network of regional and national freight carriers.

交付 & 传感器:

  • 亚特兰大都会区: 前五件90元,每件加收12元
  • 地铁:外 征求报价
  • 美国亚特兰大集市: 前5件$150,每件$12
  • 协助当地:  前五件50元,每件加收12元


Please notify us via fax at (770) 447 – 9368 or email at customerservice@atldesigngroup.你方为我方安排的装运期,我们将予以通知, identifying the carrier and shipper prior to the shipment arriving at our location.


C/O TriMarc安装
桃树角,GA 30092

All LTL and truckload shipments must call us at (770) 447-9308, 交货前24小时.

Customer Pick-ups: Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 3:30PM (Closed 12PM – 1:00PM).至少24小时通知客户取件.


  • 检测费用: 每件$15
  • 收到的费用: 每件$10
  • 开箱验货费用: $35
  • 存储率: $2.每平方英尺50英镑. (前60天免费),90天后收费为3美元.25

If TriMarc安装 pays COD Freight, a 15% handling fee will apply.



Customers may pick up items Monday – Friday from 8:00AM until 3:30PM


$10/piece dock charge for pick-up